GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project “Volunteer management in European Parks” (11/2010-10/2013)
Ten members of EUROPARC Federation from eight different countries co-operated in the project with the aim of professionalizing volunteer management in European protected areas. The project was financed by the EU in the GRUNDTVIG/Lifelong Learning Programme. For detailed information see

What were the goals of the project?

  • highly skilled volunteer coordinators in European protected areas who can deliver effective opportunities for people to volunteer in protected areas
  • sustainable high quality and efficient volunteer management in protected areas
  • learning opportunities for volunteers, park staff and hosting protected areas that enhance practical and vocational skills, communication, inter-personal and project organisation skills
  • opportunities for volunteers und park staff to broaden their horizons in educational and cultural terms
  • promotion of the culture of active citizenship (volunteering in parks as active and creative means of being European citizens)
  • higher park and public awareness about the value of volunteering
  • higher quality and acceptance of informal lifelong learning through volunteering
Training of volunteer coordinators 2011 © EUROPARC Deutschland
Training of volunteer coordinators 2011 © EUROPARC Deutschland

Common activities:

  • international workshops for volunteer coordinators in parks
  • compilation of learning material for volunteer coordinators
  • international exchange of volunteers in parks and park staff
  • elaboration of quality standards for volunteer management in European parks
  • research on the impact of volunteering in protected areas
  • communication and dissemination

The partners were:

Silent partner: EUROPARC Nordic-Baltic