„I arrived in the beginning of august and we organized a youth camp of ten days. The theme was nature conservation and protection. The pupils which were involved in the project were a German class from Mihla and a Romanian eco-club from Rodna Mountains National Park. It was a good start because I was involved in the monitoring projects and I had a better overview of the nature park and its activities. (…) So right now I am pretty happy in my job, I am just a little bit scared about the cold winter. (…) Concerning the people around here I live in a flat with other German volunteers and I get along with them so I don’t feel lonely. The team is also nice to me even if I don’t understand the Eichsfeld dialect right now.“

(Emeline Oules aus Frankreich, EFDlerin für zwölf Monate im Naturpark Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal)