European volunteers in parks

GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership „European volunteers in parks“ (08/2008-07/2010)
Eight partners in the network of EUROPARC worked together on the subject of European volunteers in parks in a so called „Learning Partnership“, financed by the EU-programme GRUNDTVIG/Lifelong Learning Programme. The common activities mainly consisted of international workshops for volunteer coordinators in parks and the international exchange of volunteers in parks for short term volunteering. See our project documentation.

What were the goals of the project?

  • to promote the culture of active citizenship
  • to spread the importance of nature/biodiversity conservation as well as of sustainable development and hereby raise the parks’ profile locally and nationally
  • to create good surrounding conditions for volunteers in parks (support, recognition)
  • to improve the volunteer management efficiency
  • to establish a network of organisations involved in volunteering in parks as well as of community projects associated with parks
  • to bring recognition forward that parks, environmental NGOs etc. across Europe which already offer informal life long learning through volunteering
  • to broaden the horizons of the individual participants in educational and cultural terms and to stimulate creativity
Gruppe internationaler Projektteilnehmerinnen und -teilnehmer

Participants of the 1st Workshop for volunteer coordinators in European parks
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The partners were:

  • Association of Lithuanian State Parks and Reserves
  • Environment Agency of Iceland
  • EUROPARC Atlantic Isles
  • EUROPARC Germany
  • EUROPARC Spain
  • Federparchi – EUROPARC Italy
  • Nature Protection Board, Latvia
  • Rodna Mountains National Park Administration, Romania